Photo Effect Studio Pro

Let your inner Artist free, create unlimited photo effects and share your vision with the world!

  •   Nearly 100 effects for whatever look you can imagine
  •   Liftoff with more navigation options and smoother interface
  •   Allow for many levels of fine tuning
  •   Combine color effects and textures freely
  •   Multiple Color Management

Configuration require:

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Photo Effect Studio Pro Reviews
  • "Very easy to manage. Clean and fast filtering. Great looking UI designs. You can really get creative with your pics in a simple and professional way for a great price. I totally recommend it!"
    - By L.A.310
  • "I love this app! I was able to use it right off the bat, and the color adjustments are very useful if you create panoramas like i do. I will find about a lot of uses for this one. "
    - By tspriggs
  • "I absolutely love using this software and i haven't had any problems with it at all! The only part that is that you can really only do effects on here. However, if you use it with other people editing programs(iPhoto, Image Tricks, etc.) It can be a really cool app to have!"
    - By SMoon712

Nearly 100 effects for whatever look you can imagine

Our powerful photo effects are carefully developed with professional photographers and graphics designers for your every image editing need. We pride ourselves on making some of the most exciting filters available today with more on the way.

Hundreds of photo effects & filters provided
Dozens of art frames provided

Add Frames for that finishing touch

When you're done editing, select from more than 30 frames to give your photo an extra degree of sophistication. Designed by our artists, they'll beautifully enhance your work.

Liftoff with more navigation options and smoother interface

Our new version has been beta tested by leading photographers, graphics designer and Mac users all around the world to ensure that everything any photo enthusiast would ever need is included.

The best and smoother interface display

Exposure, Brightness, Saturation, etc fine tuning optionsAllow for many levels of fine tuning

It's all there, including: Exposure, Brightness, Saturation, Rotate, Curve adjustment, Color Balance, Color Temperature and Tint adjustment, Lens Correction, Highlight/Shadow adjustment, White and Black point adjustment, plus many fine tuning option
Samples of Color effect and texture combined

Combine color effects and textures freely

Huge number of highly customizable Effects, Vignettes and Frames, which can be combined using our unique overlapping, layered technology. Select any FX photo effect from nearly 100 base designs, then add a texture and complete your creation with the frame of your choice.
sRGB, AdobeRGB and ProPhoto color space management

Multiple Color Management

Superior Color management including: sRBG, AdobeRGB, and ProPhoto color space.
Mac version, iPhoto connection and optimized for Retina Displays

iPhoto connection and Fully Optimized for Retina Displays

Access your iPhoto albums from within Photo Effect Studio Pro for smooth integration.

And now, Photo Effect Studio Pro (Mac version) is fully optimized for retina displays, allowing you to view and edit your high-resolution photos in brilliant, full color.